Why ‘Vulgar’ Is More That Mere Grindhouse Scraps

One such time came when he screened the 2000 film “Vulgar

” from writer/director Bryan Johnson and producer Kevin Smith. The “clown getting raped by hillbillies movie,” according to Stern, lived up to its title. The movie has quietly gained a cult following since then … and a bit of notoriety for its brash nature.

“Vulgar” was a cheap grindhouse picture when initially thrown into the planning stages. With the help of small bits of financing from Smith and Miramax, Johnson filmed “Vulgar” in just 26 days.

Vulgar Trailer

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The story follows a down on his luck clown named Will (Brian O’Halloran of “Clerks”) as he ventures into new opportunities to pay his bills....

Nov 20th 2021
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