HiT Reviews: ‘Central Intelligence,’ ‘Weiner’

Did anyone expect Jeff Daniels to swipe scenes from Jim Carrey in “Dumb and Dumber?” Daniels was the serious actor, while Carrey’s rubbery mug made him the industry’s go-to

comic superstar. Something similar happens in “Central Intelligence,” Hollywood’s latest riff on the mismatched buddy comedy. Kevin Hart is the funny guy, the stand-up who sells out arenas and makes even clunkers like “The Wedding Ringer” worth a look.

So why is he occasionally outclassed by Dwayne Johnson, the ex-wrestler who once used an arched eyebrow to convey emotion?

It’s a sign of just how far Johnson – don’t call him The Rock – has evolved in a very short time.

Central Intelligence - Official Trailer [HD]


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Nov 20th 2021
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