'The Revenant' Is A Testosterone Flick, And That's Okay

The Revenant ‘The Revenant’ Is A Testosterone Flick, And That’s Okay ‘The Revenant’ is a bloody film about honor and revenge. That makes it the opposite of a chick flick. January 8, 2016 By Rebecca Cusey There is plenty of blood in the 1820s survival flick “The Revenant.” Don’t worry. Guts make an appearance as well as frostbite, bone shatters, raw meat, and dead bodies. Mostly, though, it’s about blood. How much can a man lose and still function? How much can spill on white snow or drain into a crystal river? The movie follows the general outline of a true American tall tale (or factual story). A fur trapper named Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) miraculously survives a savage attack by a momma bear protecting her cubs. Torn up, bleeding, barely alive, he is dragged...

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Jan 8th 2016
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