The Final Brady-Manning Bowl Is Football's Answer To 'Kingpin'

KingpinRoy Munson The Final Brady-Manning Bowl Is Football’s Answer To ‘Kingpin’ Whether you’re rooting for Peyton Manning or Tom Brady this weekend says a lot about you. January 22, 2016 By Jimmy Failla For the past three weeks, I’ve been telling anyone who knows me (mostly people who hang out at dog tracks and cock fights) that Peyton Manning’s story line is exactly like the movie “Kingpin.” Do you remember when Woody Harrelson’s character, Roy Munson, has to come off the bench and bowl one last round to bail out his Amish understudy? I’m not calling Peyton’s understudy, Brock Osweiler, a real-life Randy Quaid because, for one, he hasn’t done nearly enough bath salts to be Randy Quaid. But I am saying their athletic story lines are identical. In “Kingpin,”...

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Jan 22nd 2016
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