If You Like Glorying In Nihilism, You'll Love 'Deadpool'

DeadpoolThe Green LanternCaptain America: Civil WarThe Avengers If You Like Glorying In Nihilism, You’ll Love ‘Deadpool’ Deadpool knows he is in a movie and has pointed opinions on Marvel and modern life. February 12, 2016 By Rebecca Cusey “Deadpool” is not so much a movie as an extended inside joke with a movie wrapped around it. Not only does Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) tell his backstory and chase his nemesis while protecting a lost love, he takes shots at Marvel in general and Wolverine in particular while maintaining a string of R-rated monologues on life, the universe, and everything that would send Captain America into spasms of mortification. Through it all, Reynolds apologizes abjectly for “The Green Lantern.” The plot tells the story of Wade Wilson’s transformation...

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Feb 12th 2016
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