‘Foxcatcher’s’ Lee Perkins Brings Blue Collar Grit to Craft

Welcome to the world of modern filmmaking, where even actors aren’t privy to a project’s story for fear of damaging leaks.

For the veteran actor that extended to his supporting turn in “Foxcatcher,” the fact-based film which scored three Golden Globe nominations this week.

“I signed a non-disclosure agreement that was pretty detailed. I couldn’t say anything [about the film],” Perkins tells HollywoodInToto.com. Producers feared leaks of the stars’ appearance, particularly Steve Carell who underwent significant makeup to look like John du Pont.

“Foxcatcher” casts Carell as du Pont, a wrestling coach trying to transform a talented athlete (Channing Tatum) into an Olympian. Their journey takes a dark turn as du Pont’s...

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Nov 20th 2021
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