Hollywood Ending

Movies from Film Forum, 05/09/02Woody Allen tends to release a movie every year, and this year's model is called Hollywood Ending. Allen plays a neurotic (what a surprise!) film director who loses his sight just as he begins directing a film, causing havoc on and off the set, especially in his complicated love life. The much-much-younger women dallying with Allen this time are Téa Leoni (Jurassic Park 3) and Debra Messing (TV's Will and Grace).The review from the USCCB says the film "starts off promisingly, and even ends on a pretty funny joke made at the expense of French movie audiences. But the central conceit of the film … wears thin all too soon. It turns the bulk of the movie into a flat, overlong jumble dotted with occasionally humorous moments." The reviewer adds, "Allen's...

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Jan 1st 2002
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