Infection Rate in Silicon Valley in Early April Was 1% to 6%, Suggesting Infection Fatality Rate Is Much Lower Than Case Fatality Rate, But That Herd Immunity Is Far Off

Here’s today’s much-awaited PDF preprint (not peer reviewed) by a Stanford team that performed blood antibody tests on a fairly representative sample of 3,330 Santa Clara County residents on April 3-4. Stanford professor authors Bendavid, Bhattacharya, and Ioannidis have been prominent skeptics of the recent doom-oriented conventional wisdom.

COVID-19 Antibody Seroprevalence in Santa Clara County, California

Eran Bendavid, Bianca Mulaney, Neeraj Sood, Soleil Shah, Emilia Ling, Rebecca Bromley-Dulfano, Cara Lai, Zoe Weissberg, Rodrigo Saavedra, James Tedrow, Dona Tversky, Andrew Bogan, Thomas Kupiec, Daniel Eichner, Ribhav Gupta, John Ioannidis, Jay Bhattacharya

Background: Addressing COVID-19 is a pressing health and social concern. To date, many epidemic projections and...

Proper Review
Apr 17th 2020
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