Sailer in Taki's: "The Tiger Mother's Son"

My new column in Taki’s Magazine is a book review of the tell-all biography Tiger Woods by Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian:

The Tiger Mother’s Son

by Steve Sailer

May 23, 2018

… Tiger Woods being part black via his blowhard father was usually thought of as the most important element of his story, an angle assiduously pushed by Earl Woods. The elder Woods told a sports agent when Tiger was a 5-year-old sensation, “I believe that the first black man who’s a really good golfer is going to make a hell of a lot of money.” …

Instead, Tiger Woods raises the question of whether we’ve largely overlooked the more important East Asian side of his heritage.

A Sapir-Whorf excuse is...

Proper Review
May 23rd 2018
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