I haven’t seen the new sequel, which is the biggest hit of the year this far, so I’ll recycle part of my write-up of the last X-Men sequel to explain why I’ve been lax in my reviewerly duties:

Despite their multi-culti moralizing, the X-Men films primarily appeal to straight white boys, the nerdy obsessives recently empowered by the Web to impose their tastes on pop culture through their ability to generate buzz for a movie.

The fanboys will be elated that “X2” utilizes no less than 18 of their favorite mutants. Others may find that the teeming freaks get on their nerves after awhile.

Worse, each of the dozen and a half mutants has a normal name, a superhero name, and at least one superpower. For example, Oscar-winner Halle Berry...

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May 30th 2006
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