The Tuxedo

Movies from Film Forum, 01/31/02And there are other high-flying—and deep-drilling—heroes on the way. Jackie Chan will be armed with tons of technological gadgets hidden inside The Tuxedo. Chan's movies are almost always a celebration of good choreography, stunts, and laughs, and there's nothing wrong with that.from Film Forum, 10/03/02The Tuxedo stars stunt-superstar Jackie Chan as a spy equipped with formal wear lined with high-tech circuitry that turns him into a martial arts master. The stage is set for slapstick comedy and thrilling action, but the show does not go on.Director Kevin Donovan is probably not pleased with the mainstream reviews of his first feature film. Religious media reviews are not much better.Michael Elliott (Movie Parables) calls it "a brilliant concept,"...

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Jan 1st 2002
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