Prince of Persia

American movies often act as an oracle on the country’s future policies. They bombarded the Dune before bombing Tora Bora, they Wagged the Dog before attacking Serbia and they dropped the Big Apple towers on the screen not long before they did it for real. Is the Prince of Persia, a new movie from Hollywood, a harbinger of the forthcoming change? “Sorry we have attacked your country! We shall withdraw our troops and recompense you immediately! We went to war because we were misled about your WMD programme” – these words of the Prince of Persia do sound like a dress rehearsal of a real thing to an Iraqi’s ears. Consider that the WMD lie in the movie was fed by a bald Jewish-looking neo-con of a King’s brother who wanted to seize power and secretly used the...

Proper Review
May 30th 2010
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