Movies from Film Forum, 02/07/02Another film getting 2002 off to a lousy start is Dewey Nicks' directorial debut, Slackers. The film follows three college cheaters who agree to help a klutzy nerd get the girl of his dreams if he will help them pass their exams. What follows are crass, locker-room humor exploits of the lowest variety. Sounds like the biggest slacker is the screenwriter.John Adair (Preview) writes, "The three cheaters really care about no one but themselves, and even when one of them does the 'virtuous' thing, his ultimate motive is still getting what he wants out of the deal. This film is just the most recent in a long line of crude comedies seemingly directed at teens, yet including more than enough content for a strong R rating."Phil Boatwright says "It's certainly not good...

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Jan 1st 2002
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