The Voice of a Jen-eration

A few months back sometime around 2 a.m. I was sitting in a bar I probably shouldn’t have been in, engrossed in conversation with three good friends. One put a difficult question to me: “Who do you think is the greatest columnist alive today?” I said myself, but when nobody laughed I felt like a jerk and started to offer real answers. We went through the obvious possibilities—Ross Douthat and suchlike—but concluded that none of them quite deserved the honor. We turned to talented but rather more niche right-wing wordsmiths but again came up short on every one. Finally, we ran through old hands whose work in better days might earn them some kind of emeritus status—George Will, Pat Buchanan.

In the end, we resigned ourselves to the conclusion that nobody...

Proper Review
Nov 13th 2021
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