Rango More a Cinephile’s Dream

DVD Release Date: July 15, 2011

Theatrical Release Date: March 4, 2011

Rating: PG (for rude humor, language, action and smoking)

Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Animation

Run Time: 107 min.

Director: Gore Verbinski

Actors: Voices of Johnny Depp, Ned Beatty, Isla Fischer, Abigail Breslin, Alfred Molina, Bill Nighy, Harry Dean Stanton, Timothy Olyphant, Ray Winstone

Fans of classic Westerns and classic films, rejoice! A new animated film visually references the likes of Sergio Leone and John Ford, as well as non-Western films like Chinatown. The framing and imagery are striking, sometimes mind-blowing, and the film will stir the souls of cinephiles.

However, to the extent Rango is an animated film aimed at the family audiences,...

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Mar 4th 2011
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