Jesse Watters' Problem Isn't That He's A Racist, It's That He's A Jackass

The O'Reilly FactorYoung FrankensteinThe Karate Kid Jesse Watters’ Problem Isn’t That He’s A Racist, It’s That He’s A Jackass October 5, 2016 By Rich Cromwell Jesse Watters of “The O’Reilly Factor” took a trip to Chinatown to discuss the presidential election. Predictably, he’s now being pilloried for being the awful racist that he obviously is. Perhaps Watters is a racist, but that’s not what’s wrong with his trip to Chinatown. What’s really wrong with the whole segment is that he’s a jerk who conflates being mean with humor. The question about bowing that he opens isn’t particularly problematic unless finding things problematic is one of your hobby-horses and you are offended by the fact that different cultures greet one another differently. Asking the...

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Oct 5th 2016
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