Value of Fathers, Role Models Highlighted in Barnyard

Release Date:  August 4, 2006

Rating:  G (for mild peril and rude humor)

Genre:  Animation/Drama

Run Time:  88 min.

Director:  Steve Oedekerk

Actors:  Kevin James, Courteney Cox, Joe DiMaggio, Sam Elliott, Danny Glover, and Andie MacDowell

Have you noticed how often God seems to speak through movies to highlight the issues that are closest to His heart?  Last year the movie “Dreamer” powerfully spoke to those shattered by broken dreams and desperate for restoration, and several recent movies, such as “Chicken Little” and “Curious George” highlighted issues related to the need for good fathering.  In the same vein, Paramount’s “Barnyard” is...

Proper Review
Aug 3rd 2006
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