Spiritual Drama, Romantic Comedy Marry in The Good Catholic

A religious drama with elements of romantic comedy, this light-on-its-feet tale of spiritual struggle is rarely anguished, even as the story focuses on a priest's crisis of faith (basically, whether or not he should be a priest). That shouldn't be a problem for viewers caught up in this well told, affecting tale. 4 out of 5.

ย  Synopsis Daniel (Zachary Sp*cer) is a young priest who works alongside fellow priest and jokester Ollie (John McGinley) and the older, more traditional Victor (Danny Glover). When coffeehouse singer Jane (Wrenn Schmidt) comes to confession, she and Daniel develop an easy camaraderie in which Daniel ends up confessing his own secretโ€”he's not sure he should be a priestโ€”to Jane. As Daniel tries to figure out how...

Sep 7th 2017
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