Derb's December Diary: Monastic Fruitcake, English Coal Miners, New York's Disgusting Cardinal Dolan

We're down to what 13 now I thinkThe Great Liberal Death-Wish. Fruitcake apocalypse. Whiny, pampered college students have their microaggressions. For the rest of us there are microsatisfactions and microdisappointments. Here’s my microdisappointment of the Christmas season. It’s eccentric, I know, but I love fruitcake. I would eat those things all day long if not held back by nutritional common sense and a stern wifely eye. Thus constrained, I limit myself to one fruitcake per annum, at Christmas of course. For many years I’ve been getting my fruitcakes on mail order from Holy Cross Abbey in Berryville, Virginia. Around Thanksgiving I’d get their promotional booklet in the mail, with a form you could fill out to specify what goodies you wanted, in what quantities. This...

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Jan 1st 2016
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