Time to Talk About Masks and Mental Health

The U.S. is taking mask wearing much more seriously than the U.K., which is striking from a mental health perspective. This isn’t about the rights and wrongs of masks as an appropriate measure against Covid-19. You’ve read enough about that. This is about the implications of mask wearing for those with mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and how the issue gets buried in the mask debate—or lack thereof.

In the U.K. I was technically exempt from having to wear a mask when it became mandatory in July 2020, due to my PTSD-related moral injury following military tours in Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The page on the U.K. government website explaining exemptions stated in confusing terms that a “reasonable excuse” for not wearing a mask was “because of...

Proper Review
Nov 9th 2021
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