‘The Family Roe’ Ignores the Elephant

The Family Roe: An American Story, by Joshua Prager (W.W. Nortan and Company: 2021), 672 pages.

Joshua Prager researched The Family Roe: An American Story for 11 years, so he cannot have known that the book’s publication this September would align with the Supreme Court’s hearing of a case that could finally overturn the most contentious ruling of the past century. Prager’s brick-sized book is the most ambitious history of America’s abortion wars since Judy Thomas and James Risen’s 1999 Wrath of Angels, and it is packed with new revelations about figures from both sides of the debate.

Prager’s interest in the stories behind Roe v. Wade began when he discovered that the child at the center of the 1973 abortion ruling had not, in fact, been aborted. When Linda Coffee and Sarah...

Proper Review
Oct 30th 2021
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