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I don't understand how anyone enjoys this who isn't a raving progressive. Even if you're apolitical and nonreligious, the show spends hours rubbing anti-Christian and anti-American moralizing in your face. So if you want big dumb action, you'll have to skip whole episodes just to get past the boring speeches. And if you're a progressive looking for pseudointellectual pablum to confirm your biases, why not watch anything other than a superhero flick?

I have to be honest here, I couldn't make it past the episode that spends a whole hour telling the viewer how evil Christianity is, with all the excitement and insight of a high-school lecture. It's not even the superheroes beating up a corrupt pastor or something. It's literally one of the female main characters walking around a Christian convention pointing out how bigoted and regressive it supposedly is, and then giving a "heartfelt" speech on how Christianity is bad. That's an hour of your life gone. And that's not even mentioning the feminist themes about how female superhero outfits are objectifying (but I guess male ones aren't), or the anti-American theme of making the villains overtly patriotic.

When it comes to The Boys, don't just skip it - cancel your Amazon Prime service!
Oct 9th 2021
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