‘Big Brother’ Star Tiffany Mitchell Says It’s Not Her Job to Explain to Fans Why Her All-Black Alliance Wasn’t Racist

Tiffany Mitchell, who was awarded the title of “America’s Favorite Player,” during the 23rd season of CBS’ “Big Brother” that aired its finale last week, said it wasn’t her job to explain to fans why the all-Black alliance she spearheaded wasn’t “racist.”

{snip} The all-Black alliance – called “The Cookout” – made its way to the end of “Big Brother,” ensuring that all six of its players occupied spots in the show’s top six.

Xavier Prather, a 27-year-old lawyer who lives in Milwaukee, became the first Black winner in the history of the CBS show, taking home the $750,000 prize more than two decades after “Big Brother” first aired. Season 23 also marked the first time in “Big...

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Oct 7th 2021
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