Tinseltown Can Be Triggering. (The Starling Shows Us How.)

When I came into work the morning I watched The Starling, a PG-13 film now playing on Netflix, I didn’t really think much about it.

I sat down at my desk and started the usual routine of answering emails, attending meetings and various other tasks. So as I geared up to watch the film, I didn’t realize that I was not emotionally prepared for what I was about to witness.

I knew what the movie was about because I had watched the trailer: After losing their baby, a couple tries to learn how to live again.

Now, I’m not a mom. I’m not the type of gal who gets baby fever every time one of her friends has one. In fact, I don’t even really enjoy being around kids unless I’m related to them. (I very much believe that my own niece and nephew are the cutest and sweetest kids...

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Sep 29th 2021
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