After Accusations of Distributing 'Child Pornography,' Mayor Gives School Board Choice: Resign or Be Charged

Craig Shubert is the mayor of a city in Ohio. After the following clip, he needs to be governor of the entire state. "Educators" were accused of distributing what some parents called "child pornography" to students. You and I would call it that too, but the leftists who work at Facebook and determine what "facts" are may disagree. The charge is shockingly not shocking. It's a public school and we hear about teachers pushing radical agendas all the time. Parents express their anger at school board meetings about these teachers on the regular. What makes Mayor Shubert the man is that he didn't express anger at the meeting. Though he still gave us a mic-drop moment.

Hudson, OH: Mayor demands school board resign after teachers distributed pornography in the classroom.

“You can choose to...

Sep 15th 2021
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