The Glory (Hole) of Gay Love

Paris 05:59: Hugo & TheoThe Glory HoleThe DeltaHugo & TheoParis 05:59:Paris 05:59Family GuyPorn Theater (La chatte a deux tetes)Brokeback MountainCarolMoonlightParis: 05:59Armond White Earlier this week, several online commenters thought my declaration, “All the Best Filmmakers Are Gay,” was insulting or exclusionary. They missed the joke and missed the truth that is easily observable in movies of the past few years. Now, here’s more proof in the newly released DVD and Blu-Ray of Paris 05:59: Hugo & Theo. Related | All the Best Filmmakers Are Gay It’s one thing to adopt the slogan “Love Wins.” Proving it is different. In Ducastel and Martineau’s great film Paris 05:59: Hugo & Theo (now also available on streaming), a...

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Apr 20th 2017
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