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Easily one of the best mainstream films to hit theaters. With very very little to no propaganda or poz content. As many others have mentioned, there's biblical themes and style/aesthetic to it. And it's a story of a group of travelers struggling to complete a journey. Not a weak nobody who magically becomes a super hero because *reasons*. The only real questionable thing I could think of is possibly the lack of mention of God or Christianity but this is honestly a stretch and small complaint at best, as it's important to keep in mind that it is fiction, and not a story trying to throw the bible at you. Despite how important Christianity and the Bible are. Ignoring the more political/cultural stuff for a moment, The entertainment is really impressive in the movie. Several scenes with real world props and quality CG when it is used. Actors and characters that fit are performed exceptionally. And some good action scenes here and there throughout the movie. While it's not my personal favorite of the trilogy, It certainly is still on par if not above the others from a critical review of the story, scenery, acting, and music.
Feb 8th 2021
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