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Sorry, I have to give ratings for the movie even though I didn't watch it and don't plan to. But it's super POZ-ed so probably a safe bet. This was just an email exchange I had with my friend who was a die hard Star Wars fan until they ruined his childhood. Thought I'd share.

Spoiler Alert!


Question, and spoiler alert. It's the end scene (last 10 seconds) of the new star wars I won't watch:

If you have any insight can you explain why ppl are upset?

Or is it just rowdy idiots reacting to each other and the guy heckling with a meme, and it's unrelated to the movie?

My friend:

I havenโ€™t seen the film but apparently at the end, Rey says that her name is Skywalker. People are upset because this is Disney is screwing over the Star Wars universe. Itโ€™s completely obvious they had no plans at all and none of their stories make since. I suppose that fans think Disney is just robbing from what better men built to make money


I don't get why it affects the story if she is luke's relative. Did he try to f**k her like leiah?

My friend:

Haha my bad. Sorry for the confusion. Let me try a better explanation.

Rey has long been a hated character. She is the perfect female, the ultimate strong woman, absolutely great at everything with no effort because Disney was afraid to show a woman in any sort of defeated position or something (especially because all the bad guys are white men)

Anyway fans suspected she was the offspring of someone important like Luke Skywalker or Obiwan Kenobi. Then the last Jedi came out and Rey was told that her mysterious parents were no name losers who sold her for drinking money. Fans didnโ€™t like that.

Now in this latest film, JJ Abrams made Rey the emperorโ€™s granddaughter so her last name would be Palpatine. Yes this is the same emperor who died at the end of return of the Jedi. They needed to bring the Emperor back, because Rey had beaten every villain with little effort in the previous 2 films. It wasnโ€™t like Lukes journey which took him 3 films of training and losing to finally beat Darth Vader and the emperor. Literally the first time Rey picks up a light saber, she beats the villain at the end of the first film.

So anyway Disney needed a name for this new film that would sell tickets because they botched the previous 2 films so hard, so they chose the rise of Skywalker, because that name sells tickets. Since they killed Luke off in the previous film, and wrote that Rey was not of any relation, they needed a new Skywalker, so they had Rey adopt the name. Apparently she calls herself Skywalker even though she isnโ€™t Skywalker

Dec 24th 2019
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