Unwatchable (((Slimeball)))
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Don't remember it at all so don't know if I enjoyed it before I was redpilled. And when it first came out Seth Rogan didn't have nearly as much hate as he gets now. So hard to say if it's just bad because it's bad or if it's because I'm redpilled on the JQ. Seeing slimy (((Seth Rogan))) try to manipulate someone who friend zoned him into doing porn is hard to watch. I was surprised to see that Kevin Smith wrote and directed it. Maybe the premise would have worked if it was with his indie cast. But this was a big budget Weinstein production with B list celebrities. So there was no chemistry and it felt gross. Too hard to watch. It felt like watching Woody Allen babysit or something. Had to shut it off around the 30 minute mark. Nothing bad happens before that but the whole thing was hollow and I knew it was only gonna' get worse. All of this should come as no surprise to you. But I enjoy stupid comedies in this genre and era. And they're usually a breath of fresh air because they're the polar opposite of PC and woke. Just couldn't stomach this one...
Jun 18th 2024
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