Armenian Pawns in the Great Game

One of the most puzzling events of the first 100 days of the Biden Administration was the presidentโ€™s declaยญration that the deaths of Armenians that occurred in 1915 constituted genocide. Was Hunter Biden dating Kim Kardashian? That was certainly more plausible than Joe dating Kim, but not really an explanation of what was actually going on. The New York Times made a stab by invoking the Biden administrationโ€™s โ€œcommitment to human rights,โ€ which according to the Times was โ€œa pillar of its foreign policy. It is also a break from Mr. Bidenโ€™s predecessors, who were reยญluctant to anger a country of strategic importance and were wary of driving its leadership toward American adversaries like Russia or Iran.โ€1 Did that explain why the president said that, โ€œEach year on this day,...

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Jun 4th 2021
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