No Sudden Move, 2021 - ★★★½

Stop the presses, a genre movie for adults.

Despite the clear A-list cast, it’s kind of a laid back crime drama, like an old B noir… which in 2021 is very interesting. I’m more interested in the excellent work by some of the actors, especially Del Toro, who I think steals the show, than the plot about 1950s Detroit. Great to see Brendan Fraser again, too.

Don Cheadle’s character, who just wants what’s his so he can return to Kansas City (side note: his real-life hometown), is classic.

PS— I found the camera lens warping less severe and distracting than some have made it out to be. It’s fine, and may even add something to the noir-ish experience. And the color palette is gorgeous.

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Jul 6th 2021
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