No Sudden Move, 2021 - ★★★★

"More fun than the twists and turns of the plot is simply watching these actors work. Cheadle plays Curt with a sort of low growl, while Del Toro slides comfortably back into the weary ennui of The Way of the Gun’s Longbaugh. Fraser, doughy and rocking a fedora, occasionally feels as if he’s channeling the look, if not quite the vocal cadence, of Orson Welles in Touch of Evil. The great Bill Duke brings a quiet forcefulness as a mob boss, while Ray Liotta gives us a look at what Henry Hill might have looked like if he’d made it to middle management. And I haven’t even mentioned Amy Seimetz or Julia Fox or Frankie Shaw, the put-upon women forced to take matters into their own hands when the men in their respective lives turn out to be no good."

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Jul 2nd 2021
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