‘School’s Out Forever’ Fumbles Horror Comedy Elixir

The title of the latest dystopian shocker promises a “Shaun of the Dead” style romp.

So do the poster and trailer, to a degree.

“School’s Out Forever” is nothing of the kind. It’s a brooding snapshot of societal decay with an oh, so prescient hook. A pandemic wipes out most of humanity, with signs teasing “jabs” and other relevant buzz words. That’s an A+ on the zeitgeist scale to go with “C” entertainment.

What’s missing? Characters to rally behind and a coherency even the bleakest thrillers require.

Young Lee Keegan (Oscar Kennedy) just got expelled from his prep school for a not-so-incendiary prank. He soon finds a much larger problem awaits.

A pandemic is sweeping England (and the world?), and suddenly he’s nursing his dying Pa and wondering what...

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Jun 15th 2021
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