The Swimming Pool, 1969 - ★★½

THE SWIMMING POOL (Jacques Deray, France, 1969) 5

The French were the first to take Hitchcock seriously thematically and artistically, at a time before which the Anglosphere dismissed him as a superficial entertainer; all surface, no depth. This prescience seems to have had a bad effect on their post-Hitchcock thrillers however, THE SWIMMING POOL among them. The French seem to have missed that Hitchcock’s genius is that he was ALSO a superficial entertainer and that his surfaces were brilliant too. They try to ape the thematics and plumb the depths, but we need some cropdusters and tennis games and dwindling champagne buckets and girlfriends in the killer’s apartment, etc.

However, there just wasn’t a moment in THE SWIMMING POOL when I felt anybody was in any danger, and it’s a...

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Jun 6th 2021
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