Police drama (feat. light Mecha)
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I am a bit of a spaz when it comes to spoilers so I'll just look at other people's review titles and star rating before putting it on a To Watch list. Should have read Mondo's explanation that it's not Mecha. It's very heavy in dialogue and almost entirely about a police investigation and bureaucracy. Some philosophy and even some slice of life moments. I'm not even into Mecha but expectations are big. And the first scenes will throw you off if you expect that. It's similar to Shin-Godzilla in that respect. Also put this on while gf went to sleep so had the volume too low to really enjoy the awesome 80's soundtrack. Anyways, this is all a subjective experience and not about the film. Just a heads up I guess. TL;DR To enjoy this to its fullest blast the audio and go in expecting a heavy dialogue police investigation.
May 24th 2024
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