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Everything that is wrong with modern woke times is just whisked away like magic in this classic Western. I understand why many left-wingers, especially those growing up in the 1950s, disliked John Wayne, but he will forever remain an American treasure, with his unapologetic "Being American". No excuse, my way or the highway, and that's just as it should be. "The Searchers" is a landmark film that transcends the Western genre. Its exploration of dark themes, combined with stellar performances and stunning visuals, makes it a timeless classic. John Wayne's portrayal of Ethan Edwards remains one of the most memorable in cinema history, and John Ford's direction solidifies his reputation as one of America's greatest filmmakers. Whether viewed as a thrilling adventure, a psychological drama, or a social commentary, "The Searchers" is an essential piece of cinematic history that will forever be worth your while should you decide to watch it.
May 20th 2024
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