'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Tries To Be The 'Force Awakens' Of Its Franchise

Mass EffectStar WarsThe Force AwakensMass Effect: AndromedaForce AwakensPathfinderCyberScanAndromeda When my son was born, I found myself up at odd hours of the night having to feed and rock a grumpy little baby. I thought if I was going to be up for a late shift in the middle of the night every night for a few months, I might as well do something fun while feeding, rocking, and watching a newborn sleep, so I decided to get into a new video game, and with the help of a friend, that game was “Mass Effect 2.” Rightly thought of as one of the greatest games of the last console generation, “Mass Effect 2” was an instant classic. It grabbed me from the moment it started and never let go. The characters, the plot, the intrigue, the driving pace—I just kept playing....

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May 11th 2017
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