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I wasn't planning to watch this but a coworker put it on during some downtime. It's got a lot of gross out humor which is to be expected. Think "Super Troopers" or "American Pie" and you'll be about right. I'm just too much of f*g for animals so even though it's fiction and the harsh scenarios are what make them funny, it was hard for me to laugh at. I just felt bad for the little guy. Other than that, it's just very formulaic like the obligatory mushroom trip you saw in the trailer. The jokes about different breeds and types of dogs/owners were funny. And I'm really glad they made the stoner owner such a piece of sh*t. That's the reality of most people I know who smoke weed. It's not always peace and love Cheech & Chong. Usually it's just someone who has low impulse control and that's one vice of many. Especially with how strong weed has gotten nowadays. It's like someone with a pill habit. I've heard of girls who suck D for weed when they're out and a lot of stoners I know lie and steal and are generally unreliable. I know none of this was the point of the movie and I'm not even anti marijuana. Just refreshing to see it portrayed in this light instead of a Seth Rogan lighthearted way. TL;DR  It's exactly the movie you think it is. Put it on in the background while drinking or having friends over while you talk over it.
May 14th 2024
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