Shin Godzilla シン・ゴジラ : Unused (and very bloody) Animatics

As we reach the final stretch of Shin Godzilla videos, we take a look at some of the unused, some unfinished, animatics that illustrate some scenes in the film, and others deleted. One in particular shows the second form of Godzilla vomiting hundreds of gallons of blood. There is no public reason why it was cut, but maybe it was due to overkill. Hope you like checking out these last clips. Shin Godzilla (シン・ゴジラ Shin Gojira, also known as Godzilla Resurgence) is a 2016 Japanese kaiju film featuring Godzilla, produced by Toho and Cine Bazar and distributed by Toho. It is the 31st installment in the Godzilla franchise, the 29th Godzilla film produced by Toho, and Toho\'s third reboot of the franchise. The film is co-directed by Hideaki Anno and Shinji...

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Dec 30th 2019
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