"Nobody Knows Anything"

A Beautiful MindThe MissingSeabiscuitCinderella ManPeter PanAnger Management Slate summarizes a 55 page meta-analysis by three B-School profs on the economics of the movie industry, but misses the key questions of “How can you tell whether a movie is going to be good or not? And how can you tell whether it’s going to be a hit or not?” Consider Ron Howard’s last three movies: A Beautiful Mind — Good / Hit The Missing — Not good / Not a Hit Cinderella Man — Good / Not a Hit I’m obviously over-summarizing here (I didn’t much like “A Beautiful Mind,” but it’s reasonable to say it was well-made; “The Missing” isn’t bad, but it seemed to be missing something.) Back in the early 1980s, screenwriter William...

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Jul 21st 2011
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