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This is a review not of the original Dune cut, but the much longer and improved version by Sp*ceDiver from 2012, which adds a lot of new material and improves the plot of the film, it's almost 3 hours long. It works, though some of the scenes are of a slightly lower quality. Dune by Lynch is generally seen as a film you will think is decent but flawed, or decent, flawed but with many redeeming aspects and I belong to the latter group. Dune should be watched by someone familiar with the books, the story would be far too confusing otherwise. It has many good points, the design, the costumes, the occasional attempt at genuine depth, both by Lynch and Sp*ceDivers fanedit are enjoyable, it is one of the best archeofuturistic films in my opinion, though primarily in it's design, where the film fails is just it's confusing plot and the wooden and/or theatrical acting. Anyway, you can check out the edit on the internet archive:
Jan 27th 2024
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