The One Perversion That Can’t Be Normalized

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Netflix thinks pimping preteens is a great way to market its new movie Cuties. The French film follows a dance troupe of 11-year-old girls who discover their “femininity.” Netflix advertised the film with images of the girls in suggestive outfits, which inevitably drew a public backlash. The streaming giant apologized for the advertisements but is still going ahead with the film’s planned September 9 release.

Conservative commentators see Cuties as further evidence liberal elites want to normalize pedophilia. Why else would they sexualize 11-year-olds?

Disregarding this one example, most evidence shows that pedophilia will remain a disgusting taboo in our society. Child sexual abuse is too odious to be normalized.

Our society celebrates homosexuality, transvestitism,...

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Aug 27th 2020
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