The Undeniable Reason ‘Clue’ Became a Cult Classic

The board game “Clue” goes all the way back to the 1940s when it was branded “Cluedo” oversees and presented stateside by Parker Brothers.

Today, Hasbro owns “Clue” (they purchased the Parker Brothers outfit in the 1980s) and, over the years, the product has undergone creative spinoffs.

A short-lived TV show Variations on the old model (notably the all-“Simpsons” version) Even a well-remembered VCR version during the videocassette era To this day, my Mother-in-Law has an unbeatable strategy to “Clue” that she won’t share with anyone. She guesses correctly every single time anyone has played with her. I digress…but seriously, Dawn, what the heck is your secret?

“Clue” has become, along with “Monopoly,”...

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Apr 29th 2020
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