Double Feature Movie Review

ESCAPE PLAN: THE EXTRACTORS – 3 The 3rd film and I hope last of this franchise. How the f**k this became a franchise is beyond me. I can say one good thing about this film. It was better than Escape Plan 2: Hades(IMDB 3.8). Escape Plan the first film(IMDB 6.7) was pretty decent with Arnold Schwarzenegger is worth watching. Escape Plan: The Extractors(IMDB 4.4) If you enjoy CSI Miami bad acting, directing and writing then you may enjoy this film. IMDB ratings are pretty much solid for this film.

Vault I actually enjoyed this movie. I’m always down for watching a movie base on a true story. I thought the 2 main actors Theo Rossi(Has a bright future) and Clive Standen(From Vikings) did a great job. Plus there are a ton of other decent named actors...

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Jul 2nd 2019
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