The Middleton Family at the New York World's Fair, 1939 - ★★★

A funny little movie. I found it because I love World’s Fair history, and it happened to be on Amazon Prime. The idea of Technicolor footage of the 1939 New York World’s Fair had me interested, but I didn’t know what to expect.  It appears to be funded by Westinghouse Electric and therefore focuses on the Westinghouse Building almost exclusively, which is a little sad if you’re interested in color footage from the rest of the Fair. The film does promote the Fair, sure. But mostly, surprisingly to me, the story seems more interested in a pro-capitalism Golden Boy sticking it to a Fair-hating Marxist art teacher.

Ah... sweet, sweet capitalist propaganda.

Honestly, the politics paint a fascinating picture of the time period. The golden boy, named Jim (Douglas...

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Apr 8th 2019
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