Leo Strauss, the Conservative Revolution, & National Socialism, Part 3

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Part 3 of 3

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[1]Leo Strauss

In the previous installment [2] of this series, I examined Leo Strauss’s argument that the roots of what he called “German nihilism” — including National Socialism — were not nihilistic. Instead, it is rooted in a moral critique of the modern world. In this installment, I examine his argument that these non-nihilistic motives gave rise to nihilism because of certain contingent historical circumstances. 

2. The Contingent Emergence of German Nihilism

The second part of “German Nihilism” comprises three sub-sections numbered 4, 5, and 6. Strauss begins his account of the circumstances that led to German nihilism with a provisional definition:...

Jan 5th 2019
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