Get to Know Jake Foy, the Gay Cowboy on Hallmark's New TV Show 'Ride'

Get ready for this 'Ride'!

The Hallmark Channel is reaffirming its commitment to queer inclusion by not only having holiday movies starring gay actors like Jonathan Bennett as the gay lead, but also TV shows with LGBTQ+ characters.

Ride is the latest queer-inclusive TV show on Hallmark, featuring a gay cowboy character named Tuff McMurray, played by Jake Foy. In the series, Tuff is the youngest son of the McMurray family, which runs a ranch in Colorado. An out-and-proud gay man, Tuff is just accepted by his family – with his queerness not being a main point of questioning within the story.

Prior to Ride, Foy was known for starring in TV movies like When Christmas Was Young, A Little Daytime Drama, and Love in Store. He’s also appeared on TV shows like Designated Survivor, Reign,...

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Mar 30th 2023
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