REVIEW: Superman & Lois – Season 3, Episode 3, “In Cold Blood”

You’d think invoking a classic book and movie would motivate you to put out a special episode, but “In Cold Blood” is just kind of… fine. It isn’t exactly filler, as it ties into the main storylines, but it’s one of those puzzle pieces that only connects to one other piece and then just sort of acts as a border to another. The Intergang/Bruno Manheim story advances slightly, but the main thrust of the episode deals with Lois’ cancer diagnosis, and it annoyingly stalls.

Lois prepares to undergo her first round of chemotherapy treatments, but she’d rather focus on work, to everyone else’s consternation. Lois and Chrissy locate an Intergang warehouse. Jon has some girlfriend trouble, but not the kind last week’s party suggested. Tensions between Lana and Kyle intensify, and...

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Mar 30th 2023
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