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Saw Kino Corner's tweet recommending Spring Breakers. I watched it in theaters years ago and remember liking it. Not the biggest fan this time around. The director of this, Harmony Korine, is the director of Gummo and Trash Humpers. He is obsessed with disgusting images and non linear plots. Spring Breakers has somewhat more of a plot and is very aesthetically beautiful. But the characters are ugly on a spiritual level and you'll feel disgusted throughout the movie. The slow-mo music video shtick will get old quick too. Unintentionally based, by making degeneracy and the "American Dream" the negative aspects of the film. Be a wigger and whore and get treated like one. Worship dopamine & money over spirituality; f**k around and find out. ( Look at Faith's necklace v.s. James Franco's.) If you enjoyed Requiem For A Dream you will enjoy this movie. I won't be watching either again any time soon but recommend them at least once. This one is less moralistic, more arthouse, and more lighthearted. Some dark comedy throughout.
Mar 20th 2023
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