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The first season was pretty good. It was a supernatural soap opera with several homages to other big name horror films like "The Shining" "Heathers" "Fatal Attraction" and more. I got hooked quickly but episode 1 of Season 2 irked me to the point of not wanting to see another episode. Each season has a different plot in a difference town with the actors playing different characters. Season 2 had every clichรฉ you can imagine. The evil nuns, the nazi mad scientist, interracial couples being hunted by racists, lesbians being oppressed by religious bigots, etc. So I skipped to Season 3 and within 2 minutes I shut it off. It was a fat White Southern lady beating her daughter for banging the Black slave. It's all so tiresome. I can only imagine the series gets increasingly woke with each season since it started in 2011. The first season was a fascinating dumpster fire I couldn't look away from and recommend (if pirated.) But if you skip it nothing of value will be lost.
Mar 19th 2023
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